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When a health and safety professional starts to look at another countries he starts to learn many things. Today, we want to share a vision with you.

We will take a look at the U.K., one of the top countries in health and safety matters for many reasons, mainly for the seriousness that they have and the kind of campaign that they are developing right now, such as the campaign against skin cancer in construction. Honestly, we miss these type of causes in Spain for the reason that if we look for something similar, trust us, it doesn´t exist.

In this country is where The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, IOSH, has its headquarter. This is an international association that is the guardian in the U.K. of Health and Safety. If you are member of them you will belong to a collective who are 100% commited with the respect to the security and favorable work.

As Spanish technicians, we can consider the idea of belonging or not to this organization, trust us that are just advantages. We are talking that it´s more than a matter of improving your CV, it´s about getting professional enrichment.

As we said, one of the characteristics is that inside the organization you get a status depending on your training and experience. The minimum range is Affiliate, then, you can get Associate, Technical, Graduate, Chartered Member and Chartered Fellow. These last are the maximum inside and you just can access through a specific training and doing an exposition of a project to a court.

Besides that, as a member you have some responsibilities, you have to have an up to date a continuous professional development (CPD), this is a kind of diary where you have to pass all your training, information, meetings and all the things that you are doing to improve as a professional. As a complement to this, you will have a continuous sending of information, free access to several webinar for the people who live out of the U.K.

Due to we are always betting on for the improvement as professionals so we can revert it in a higher level of quality in our work, and knowing that right now, we are in the middle of a great change with the internationalization of the companies, being part of an international association can help us to do it in a better way.


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